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Friday, July 1, 2011

Jet Lag (Pt. 1)

For the last 2 weeks I have been away from my lovely Oregon and have gone to visit my homeland of Puerto Rico. For those of you who don't know, Puerto Rico is a tropical country located 78 miles East of the Dominican Republic and is partly in the Atlantic and Caribbean. It is an amazing place to spend the last 2 weeks in and I enjoyed it very much. 

Now that that's done and dealt with, lets talk about the best part of the trip... The Food! :D

There are many traditional Puerto Rican dishes but nothing is more traditional than Arroz con Gandules y Pollo con Pasteles! This is one of the best foods that a person can ever eat! Here is a pic ===>

No lunch is complete without the Puerto Rican soda known as Kola Champagne. "To many Puerto Ricans, it evokes memories of balmy summer days on the island and childhood trips to the local bodega." But to the many Americans out there that have not grown up drinking this amazingly amazing Puerto Rican made concoction, then they would describe it more as tasting, "like someone melted a whole bowl of halloween candy on a barbecue and cut it with a cream soda slurpee. It makes Splenda seem sour by comparison."

Now since I am extremely tired from all of this time differentialations and still being in Eastern Time (+1) in Oregon, I will now go to sleep and continue with Part 2 of Jet Lag, where I will explain more kinds of food that is available and the different political parties and such. These next few posts (Depending on how much is written/how many sections) will be informative posts. I hope you enjoy them. Now I must rest my head, it is rocking to and fro like a palm tree in a Hurricane.

Stay classy, readers!