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Monday, May 23, 2011

Master Donghai Wang's Guide to Self Defense Online!

Derpaderp when reading this post.

If you are reading this post then most likely you have had experiences with, or have known someone who has had mental strife with a Troll. We all recognize the symptoms: A disoriented look, rage face demeanor, feelings of impending doom, Trousseau's sign, and finally tetany, But do we know how to prevent them? Well that is what this post is all about!

Unfortunately we cannot prevent the attacks perpetuated by Trolls of many different social castes but we can build up our defenses against such attacks by knowing how to properly defend oneself. Let me share a personal anecdote about how I became who I am today... One night, many years ago, I was sitting on my computer as I usually do looking inside the internet. I visited Facebook, Hotmail, Youtube, and Netflix that night to try and relieve the boredom that I was experiencing from it being such a night. It brought back a bit of fun into my life and then I went to go finish some homework I had procrastinated on doing. The end. The moral of the story here is to finish your homework on time!

Now that thats been said, I would like to tell you one simple technique that will help you throughout these lessons, Always remember to "Move on.". I remember when I was but a small boy of 4. I used to run around my grandpa's house and catch lizards and eat mangoes, it was fun. But one day I was tracking down a lizard with a You-cant-catch-me kind of look. I chased it all throughout the yard until it escaped through some concrete blocks near the fence to the neighbor's house. Full-heartedly I trudged through the rubble of the concrete and came upon the lizard, staring at him with ravenous eyes. I pounced, just in time for the lizard to get out of the way and hit myself on my forehead. It hurt a lot. Slightly bruised I looked up and saw that the lizard had now made its way to the top of the fence and was still staring at me with it's You-still-cannot-catch-me look. I promptly stood up and made my way back towards the house, I used the "Move on" Technique and did not get mad, but the next day I found the same lizard and caught it. The moral being here, if you move on and don't let the situation anger you then you will get the perfect opportunity to strike another day!

This is it for part 1 of the Defense series :D Please subscribe and I hope that you have learn something amazing today! Cheerio!


  1. Next post: "How to Survive on the Internet"

  2. Hey Tony! Yea I am definitely getting to the surviving part, first I have to introduce "The Sights" if you will, then comes the surviving! :D