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Saturday, May 21, 2011

A day or two in my shoes

So here I sit behind my monitors, looking upon the internet and finding many wondrous articles, pictures, videos, etc. You can think of anything imaginable and there is a high possibility that it will be on the internet, but I digress.  The real issue here is that people think that trolling is just a mindless excuse for hundreds of people to act stupid online, and that is only partly true. The main reason for performing the act of trolling is because one can merely laugh at the world :D 

It was said once that, "One does not simply walk into Mordor." This holds true on many countless times. But before we continue on, I shall help you distinguish a New Troll (Commonly referred to as "New Fags") from an Old Wise Troll (Commonly referred to as "Old Fags").

New Fags:
The best way to tell if you are being trolled by a New Fag is by simply knowing you are being trolled. These would consist of 12 year olds who fail at life and spend all of their time on Youtube/Twitter posting comments like, "LOLUR SOFAT AND UGLY GO LYK DIE IN FIRE AND SHIT!" They tend to think that they are in fact superior to anything and anyone but in reality have very bad grammar and live in their mother's basement.

Old Fags:
Now these are an entity quite unlike the "New Fags" but at the same time kind of like them. They exist to torture "New Fags," and reminisce heavily on the days before "Noobs" (Noobs in this case meaning someone who fails at life) and troll in a fashion that is quite inconspicuous. To them, it is better to laugh another day, then to cause massive arguments ending in permaban (Meaning that you have become permanently banned, quite self explanatory, but I'm aiming this mostly to the Noobs of the group, You know who you are ;)).

Now that is enough for today, kids! Join us next time when we discuss the wonders of "Troll Physics" (My favorite kind of Physics, shall I add :D)

Just a small taste of what is to come! Enjoy the Rapture!

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