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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Well Guys and Girls, it's been a while!

Well here I write after a 3 months of chilling around the Corvallis, Oregon area. School is back in session and Corvallis' population has gone from 200 to like 500000000 (I'm kidding thats a gross exageration I mean to say 500000000000000000000000, thats more like it.) Needless to say the freshman class are taking over all of the square acres available! But that aside, I have redescovered the awesomeness that is Minecraft and have been playing a lot of that, coupled with doing the Chem homework (Meh..) and the bio reading (Yay Protists). I will begin doing weekly blogs posts too :D So you will hear a lot more of me! ;)


Friday, July 1, 2011

Jet Lag (Pt. 1)

For the last 2 weeks I have been away from my lovely Oregon and have gone to visit my homeland of Puerto Rico. For those of you who don't know, Puerto Rico is a tropical country located 78 miles East of the Dominican Republic and is partly in the Atlantic and Caribbean. It is an amazing place to spend the last 2 weeks in and I enjoyed it very much. 

Now that that's done and dealt with, lets talk about the best part of the trip... The Food! :D

There are many traditional Puerto Rican dishes but nothing is more traditional than Arroz con Gandules y Pollo con Pasteles! This is one of the best foods that a person can ever eat! Here is a pic ===>

No lunch is complete without the Puerto Rican soda known as Kola Champagne. "To many Puerto Ricans, it evokes memories of balmy summer days on the island and childhood trips to the local bodega." But to the many Americans out there that have not grown up drinking this amazingly amazing Puerto Rican made concoction, then they would describe it more as tasting, "like someone melted a whole bowl of halloween candy on a barbecue and cut it with a cream soda slurpee. It makes Splenda seem sour by comparison."

Now since I am extremely tired from all of this time differentialations and still being in Eastern Time (+1) in Oregon, I will now go to sleep and continue with Part 2 of Jet Lag, where I will explain more kinds of food that is available and the different political parties and such. These next few posts (Depending on how much is written/how many sections) will be informative posts. I hope you enjoy them. Now I must rest my head, it is rocking to and fro like a palm tree in a Hurricane.

Stay classy, readers!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Master Donghai Wang's Guide to Self Defense Online! (¡Parte dos!)

If you are lucky then the troll that you have been pitted against will be one of such lower skill than that of his comrades. If this were the case (I.e. a troll who uses a lot of copypasta and lots of "LOLUMAD" usage) then all one must do is simply troll backwards to him. 

How to troll a troll:

Newfags - These are by far the easiest to troll, all you have to do is mention their status as "new" or "noob" and they will rage harder than a political correctness officer at the holocaust. There really isn't much to it with this kinds of opponent. Just remember whenever they say something, reply with lots of "umadbro?" and "Noob, get out of here no one loves you, your own mom hates you and your ugly face." and lulz will ensue.

The Youtubefag - Basically this kind of person is lower then a Newfag (Disclaimer: Order on this list does not indicate importance, just what my tired and inebriated mind has come up with. So don't be hatin') and must be put in their place. When you meet them on the Youtubez, simply tell them how lowly and cowardly they are, and that they should spit shine your metaphorical boots! (To which they will usually reply with, "NO I HATE YOU, USTUPIDCUNTBLAHRG!" Or something like that, just be prepared for massive walls of text in caps lock (CAPSLOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL KIDS)...

The Oldfag - The force is strong with this one! Be watchful, they may lull you into a sense of calm and friendliness only to be forcefully shown the truth. All I can say to you, my fair readers, is to remember that if you meet an Oldfag on the interwebz, do not turn around and run (Thats what it wants) but instead, be brave, pull up your pants, and be prepared to do the same to them! The key is to make them think that they have baited the proper response, but in fact, you are just trolling themz! They so stoopid, brah! 

The Internetfag - This one applies to anyone you meet on the internet, Don't give them your social security numbers, credit card numbers, addresses, etc. Or they will find you! I hear they are able to backtrace it. Regardless, remember to stay chill, do not get mad, and always reply with witty remarks involving the words "I","am","Inigo","Mantoya","You","Killed","my","Father","Prepare","to","Die." In no particular order.

The 12 year old girl - Is naive, believes everything you say, approval ratings high! But seriously though, They may be annoying, but trolling will be easy. Just agree with what she says, at the end of the conversation (Or towards a point in which it becomes boring later one, simply reply with, "LOLBarbies suck!" You will troll this one quite good.

The 12 year old boy - This kind of troll claims that their moms/parents bought them something new and wonderful and would love to share it with you. But they are having too much fun with it to show you. They will tell you just about anything just so that you think that they are "cool and hip". When dealing with this kind of troll remember to just keep saying, "No matter what you do you wont be cool" (Or some variation of that, degrading their coolness factors).

Finally, I end this post with a quote that will surely inspire you, "Laugh and the world laughs with you; Weep and you weep alone." (I heard this quote from the movie, "Old Boy". It's a very good Korean film, check it out if you get the chance! It is a very good movie!). With my insomnia cured, I will now head to bed! Good morning to all of you chaps on the West Coast! To people inhabiting other coasts, or places for that matter, keep on keeping on!

P.S. I am trying out this Pic/text/pic/text type deal, Comment on your thoughts, just trying to see if it works! :D

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Quite a bit of time has passed!

Well it would seem like quite a bit of time has passed since our last encounter! But I am here to change that! Summer is officially here and my scholastic ventures shall take no part in making our time short, so I am here to entertain you forevermore!

Now what shall be discussed? Oh yea! I will finish the Internet Survival series by next week and am thinking of starting some random new surprised for you, my fellow readers! Now it's time for me to warp on outa here! So I will catch you cool cats tomorrow!

(Also I hope that you enjoy my amazing formating skills, I just clicked and dragged randomly and this is the result! :D)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

I am not dead.. Yet! :D

I have been busy studying for the hardships that are brought forth by Anatomy & Phys! Quite the fun time I am having studying about the all the awesome systems that are available for studying :D

Well allonz-y peoples! See you in the next blog post!
But before I go I will leave you with this...

Supernova ready!

Enjoy an amazingly amazing Saturday ;)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Master Donghai Wang's Guide to Self Defense Online!

Derpaderp when reading this post.

If you are reading this post then most likely you have had experiences with, or have known someone who has had mental strife with a Troll. We all recognize the symptoms: A disoriented look, rage face demeanor, feelings of impending doom, Trousseau's sign, and finally tetany, But do we know how to prevent them? Well that is what this post is all about!

Unfortunately we cannot prevent the attacks perpetuated by Trolls of many different social castes but we can build up our defenses against such attacks by knowing how to properly defend oneself. Let me share a personal anecdote about how I became who I am today... One night, many years ago, I was sitting on my computer as I usually do looking inside the internet. I visited Facebook, Hotmail, Youtube, and Netflix that night to try and relieve the boredom that I was experiencing from it being such a night. It brought back a bit of fun into my life and then I went to go finish some homework I had procrastinated on doing. The end. The moral of the story here is to finish your homework on time!

Now that thats been said, I would like to tell you one simple technique that will help you throughout these lessons, Always remember to "Move on.". I remember when I was but a small boy of 4. I used to run around my grandpa's house and catch lizards and eat mangoes, it was fun. But one day I was tracking down a lizard with a You-cant-catch-me kind of look. I chased it all throughout the yard until it escaped through some concrete blocks near the fence to the neighbor's house. Full-heartedly I trudged through the rubble of the concrete and came upon the lizard, staring at him with ravenous eyes. I pounced, just in time for the lizard to get out of the way and hit myself on my forehead. It hurt a lot. Slightly bruised I looked up and saw that the lizard had now made its way to the top of the fence and was still staring at me with it's You-still-cannot-catch-me look. I promptly stood up and made my way back towards the house, I used the "Move on" Technique and did not get mad, but the next day I found the same lizard and caught it. The moral being here, if you move on and don't let the situation anger you then you will get the perfect opportunity to strike another day!

This is it for part 1 of the Defense series :D Please subscribe and I hope that you have learn something amazing today! Cheerio!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Wonder of Trolls and Their Scientific Achievements

Trolls are quite good in the ways of science and winning. You will rarely see a good troll fail at life, but where does this winning attitude come from, you may ask? Through the magic of time travel! 
I kid of course, the magic comes from reading and learning. That and knowing who is a troll and who simply is just awesome. Anyways, back to the science bit.

Basically it involves marvelous feats that would, under normal circumstances,cause harm to your persona. Although other times it involves awesome ideas/thoughts that are quite intriguing to think about, i.e.: 
Other times it has rather crazy ideas that one ignorant in the ways of science would believe, which in this case would be all of the internet. If you have any questions please ask them in the 'Comments' section and I will answer it as best I can! 
Well this was a pretty short blog post, but I will make it up to you all next time! We shall discuss common techniques for the defense against online trolls. This will be quite useful to some of you who suffer from the embarrassing condition where, "umad" and therefore feed the trolls. A nice lesson for the masses! :D

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A day or two in my shoes

So here I sit behind my monitors, looking upon the internet and finding many wondrous articles, pictures, videos, etc. You can think of anything imaginable and there is a high possibility that it will be on the internet, but I digress.  The real issue here is that people think that trolling is just a mindless excuse for hundreds of people to act stupid online, and that is only partly true. The main reason for performing the act of trolling is because one can merely laugh at the world :D 

It was said once that, "One does not simply walk into Mordor." This holds true on many countless times. But before we continue on, I shall help you distinguish a New Troll (Commonly referred to as "New Fags") from an Old Wise Troll (Commonly referred to as "Old Fags").

New Fags:
The best way to tell if you are being trolled by a New Fag is by simply knowing you are being trolled. These would consist of 12 year olds who fail at life and spend all of their time on Youtube/Twitter posting comments like, "LOLUR SOFAT AND UGLY GO LYK DIE IN FIRE AND SHIT!" They tend to think that they are in fact superior to anything and anyone but in reality have very bad grammar and live in their mother's basement.

Old Fags:
Now these are an entity quite unlike the "New Fags" but at the same time kind of like them. They exist to torture "New Fags," and reminisce heavily on the days before "Noobs" (Noobs in this case meaning someone who fails at life) and troll in a fashion that is quite inconspicuous. To them, it is better to laugh another day, then to cause massive arguments ending in permaban (Meaning that you have become permanently banned, quite self explanatory, but I'm aiming this mostly to the Noobs of the group, You know who you are ;)).

Now that is enough for today, kids! Join us next time when we discuss the wonders of "Troll Physics" (My favorite kind of Physics, shall I add :D)

Just a small taste of what is to come! Enjoy the Rapture!